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If you like the ideas for any of The Dukes games, but are not quite happy with the way it looks, just remember you could ACTUALLY PLAY these games someday, only with nice clean graphics! So PLEASE publicize our ideas as much as possible! Thanks!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


A Character design sheet for one of the Frogger Baddies: Flamby! Which version do you like the best?
"Flamby The Fire Breathing Caterpillar"

Monday, November 18, 2013


Coco is a boss of the "Beach" world, in Frogger and the Quest For the Golden Fly.  He is a gladiator made out of coconuts/driftwood and sea kelp, that is equipped with a driftwood/seashell spear, and a coconut/seaweed net.  
"Coconuts are VERY hard to crack!"

Log ride

A level from Frogger and the Quest For the Golden Fly, with Frogger and Lily.  This is a fast-paced level from the "Jungle" world.  We have a baddie in the drawing, a Slicer Ant, as well as the collectibles in the game, flies, and the "rare collectible" a Ruby Ladybug.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Frogger and the Quest For the Golden Fly

This is the epic platform-style game (The Dukes original video game idea), Frogger and the Quest For the Golden Fly!  (Frogger not associated with Namco.all rights reserved).  Our heros (in player order) are: Frogger, Thugly, Lilac, and Lily.  The drawing below is the cover photo for the game.  Frogger is the frog, Thugly is the toad, Liac is the lilac/pink lizard, and Lily is purple/green lizard.  We have the temple of the golden fly in the background, as well as one of the main baddies (not a boss) The Sparrow (bird in the "Factory" world).  The other baddies we see are a "Buzzle" from "The Buzzly Bunch", and a "Spy-bra".
"The Heros"

The plot of No 1

Our heros quest in the game, "No 1" is to travel through time, (using No 1's pocket watch) and restore all the "Black Souls" to their former glory, so they can guard the worlds different eras.  The main baddies, "Cy-Brains" are trying to enslave the Black Souls completely, thus allowing themselves to take over the world.  Each era is an important part of history, whether the pirates of the high seas, or the genies of the desert, and ensures unique worlds/gameplay.         
"The Old West"

No 1

This is No 1's basic character design with no weapons.
"No 1 was here..."

BeamBoss battle

This next drawing is of the game No 1.  This is only a sketch of the characters and not a perfected drawing, but you get the basic idea.  This level is called "Crossover" where your must defeat the BeamBoss, to make it from the "Steam Pipe" world to the "Smoke Stack" world.  In this drawing we have of course the "BeamBoss", as well as two types of baddies he shoots out of his arm cannons; "Buzz Bots" and Beam Bots".  The main characters of the game are (in player order): No 1 the thief, Specto the scientist, Bobbles the ape, and Gizmo the scrap metal robot.  No 1 (pronounced no one), is jumping to avoid the laser blast from BeamBoss, while throwing his knife (secondary attack) at a Buzz Bot.  No 1 is also equipped with a handgun (primary ranged attack), and a pocket watch he keeps in his waistcoat pocket (primary melee attack).  Specto is using his magnet (primary melee attack) to do damage to the BeamBoss in his weak spot.  Specto also has his chemical vial (primary ranged attack), which he can throw causing it to explode (secondary attack).  Bobbles is taking out a Buzz Bot with his shotgun (primary ranged attack), though Bobbles also punches (primary melee attack), and hollers, causing a sonic sound  wave, (secondary attack).  Gizmo is taking a Beam Bot out using his lighter (primary ranged attack), though he is also equipped with a club (primary melee attack), and can shoot a laser blast out of his eye, (secondary attack).  All secondary attacks take a while to charge up, yet do more damage.